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New Product: Inert diaphragm valve

The inert diaphragm valve (IDV) is a solenoid-operated diaphragm isolation valve for use with corrosive or high-purity fluids found in the medical-equipment, water purification, and clinical-chemistry industries.

Commonly used in waste circuits, the IDVs touch aggressive fluids and high-contaminant (solids) levels. Polyetherimide and polyphenylsulfone are used for valve bodies and either EPDM (ethylene propylene) or Viton GF isolate the fluid path from the solenoid. The IDVs are available in two and three-way versions with maximum supply pressures of 40 and 35 psi, respectively, and feature an 0.11-in. orifice diameter (Cv of 0.22),

South Bend Controls, 1237 Northside Blvd., South Bend, IN 46615, (574) 234-3157,

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