Machine Design

New Product: Laser Distance Sensor

The GV Series digital CMOS laser sensor uses a Datum algorithm to detect targets that conventional sensors cannot.

The optical-triangulation sensor detects shiny targets with multiple reflections, light-absorbing materials, such as black rubber; and target presence or absence based on surface qualities or target height and provides a GO/NG output. The Series has four IP67-rated sensor-head models with detection ranges of 45, 130, 450, and 1,000 mm.

The Datum algorithm uses an innovative calibration technique where the received light waveform pattern from a target or background is used to set upper and lower received light limits.

Three detection modes are selectable: Edge hold detects sudden changes in workpiece height; surface detection detects the nearest surface, and a clamp function that ignores targets too close to the sensor head. A sensor’s panel has a dynamic multisegment-bar LED display. The number of individual LED bars that display red or green confirm the instantaneous detection status.

Keyence Corporation of America, 50 Tice Blvd., Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677, (888) 539-3623,

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