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Machine Design

New Product: Lighted Pushbutton

The ELUM Series of switches feature a 6-mm profile designed to eliminate the need for a separate LED and light pipe on a printed-circuit board.

They come in throughhole and surfacemount configurations with silver-plated copper- alloy contacts that have a gold flash for reliable self-cleaning action. Ratings range from 0.01 to 250 mA and from 20 mV to 50 Vdc. The latching version (push-push) can be specified for switching functions such as mode select and power on/off, while the momentary version is for test, reset, and notification functions.

The switch supports three different style caps. The 957C Series cap is a high-temperature black cap either factory installed or as a secondary operation after soldering the switch to the board. It can withstand RoHS solder profiles. The two 181D Series caps are constructed with clear polycarbonate material and paint and can be laser etched for customization. One version features a white paint underlay for higher visibility if the LED is not lit.

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