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Machine Design

New Product: Low-Profile Linear-Motor Stage

Manufactured from high-strength aluminum, the Model LT190-EDLM linear stage is 50-mm high and driven by an ironless-core linear motor with travels of 150 to 500 mm.

Typical speed is 1 m/sec with acceleration of several gs.

The stage’s design allows two units to mount together directly without an additional interface plate, creating a low-profile XY configuration.

Features include preloaded large cross-roller bearings for high stiffness and smooth motion; cageassist mechanism that prevents cage migration and ensures reliable operation under high accelerations and speeds of the linear-motor drive; and a sealed design with a metal way cover instead of accordion- type bellows, thus eliminating particle generation.

Three linear scale options based on the resolution requirement (20 nm to 6.25 picometers) are available.

Steinmeyer Inc., 217 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington, MA 01803, (781) 273-6220,

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