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Machine Design

New Product: Multiphase stepper controller

The multiphase ICD200 stepper controller/driver is a stand-alone system designed to execute trapezoidal and S-curve shape (memorydata) acceleration/ deceleration motion profiles in both two and four-phase stepper motors.

Three operation modes are available: Sensor mode, absolute position mode, and relative position mode. The unit is rated at 1.2 A/phase for unipolar stepper motors and 0.6 A/phase for bipolar motors. Input power is 24 Vdc with power consumption of 36 W. This single-axis integrated system provides 20,000 steps/rev microstepping resolution. An onboard potentiometer lets users easily adjust driver running currents. Up to 15 devices can be daisychained using the RS-485 communication protocol. Input/output interface functions include: Photocoupler inputs, point starting code bits, home search start, immediate stop and direction of rotation, current off, and an alarm output sensor interface option.

Nyden Corp., Subsidiary of Mycom Inc.,
2610-B North First St., San Jose, CA 95134,
(408) 232-7700,

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