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New Product: Nonlube NFPA cylinders

New 3MA and 4MA Series nonlube NFPA air cylinders have evolved from the company’s 2MA Series air cylinder and feature lower weight and friction, and an advanced sealing system.

The all-purpose 3MA is available in 1.12 to 5-in. bores with standard rod sizes. It offers 250-psi air service and optional 1,100-psi hydraulic service for the 1.12-in. bore. The 4MA is a customizable, removable- gland cylinder, available in 1.5 to 8-in. bores with standard and oversized rods. It delivers 250-psi air service and 400-psi hydraulic service across a wide temperature range. The 3MAJ/4MAJ versions are rod-lock cylinders in 1.5 to 8-in. bores.

The 3MA uses lighter, highstrength composites instead of traditional, heavier metals and weighs 15% less than typical aluminum cylinders. Other features include anodized- aluminum endcaps and cylinder body, zinc-plated endcap fasteners, molythane rod wiper, and case-hardened, hard-chrome-plated piston rods. Stainless-steel piston rods and fasteners are available. Most versions are “sensor-ready” and include a magnetic piston ring and integrated sensor grooves in the cylinder body. The cylinders are suited for packaging, material handling, food and beverage, semiconductor, automotive assembly, medical manufacturing, and many other applications.

Parker Hannifin, Pneumatic Div., 500 S. Wolf Rd., Des Plaines, IL 60016, (847) 298-2400,

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