Machine Design

New Product: Pneumatic Angular Gripper

Sizes 10 and 12 SWG two-finger pneumatic angular grippers offer an opening angle of 15° per finger, and opening and closing times of a few hundredths of a second.

The low weight (0.11 to 7.51 oz) and high gripping torque (0.4 to 24.78 lbfin.) of these quick-acting devices permit high cycle times. The entire SWG line comes with a double-acting pneumatic drive. A spring-loaded grip-force safety feature holds the workpiece securely. Electromagnetic switches that detect gripper position mount on the gripper’s side. The grippers operate pneumatically by lubricated or nonlubricated compressed air at 87-psi pressure.

Schunk Inc., 211 Kitty Hawk Dr., Morrisville, NC 27560, (800) 772-4865,

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