Machine Design

New Product: Pneumatic cylinder seals

Pneumatic c ylinders are typically lubricated only during assembly, so the lube must last for the cylinder’s entire life.

Two new seals have flexible sealing lips and provide an enlarged radius in the contact zone of the cylinder tube to maintain grease lubrication over prolonged periods. Overflow channels on the face and back of the lips ensure instantaneous activation upon pressurization and loading. Model APDF for standard piston and APDG for shortlength pistons cover the range of commonly available sizes of pneumatic cylinders. A new material, Zurcon Z30, was developed specifically for the seals. The 83 Shore A polyurethane reportedly has extraordinary elastic properties and exceptional wear resistance.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, 3410 Meyer Rd., Ft. Wayne, IN 46803, (260) 749-6781,

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