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New Product: PTFE Membrane For Seals

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane, an air-permeable and waterproof material, is oil, dirt and water resistant, making them suitable for pressurecompensation seals.

These seals labels are customizable, fitted to work with any customer application. Easy to install, they are said to be ideal for automatic, off-the-reel processing and can be applied to surfaces either through ultrasonic and thermal welding, or with its industrial grade self-adhesive. The membrane is IP66 and IP67 compliant, thus meeting requirements of DIN 40050. Air permeability is less than 5 liters/hr/ sq cm (1.32 gallons/hr/0.78 sq in.), and water resistance can be over 0.6 bar (8.7psi). In addition, the membrane offers a high degree of oleophobicity (7-8) and –40 to 160°C (–40 to 320°F) temperature range.

Schreiner Protech North America Inc.,
21477 Bridge St., Suite I, Southfield, MI 48033,
(248) 355-3006,

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