Machine Design

New Product: Servodrives and Speed Controls

The CompletePower motion-control products line powers the company’s PMDC, BLDC, and stepper motors.

The drives all have the same form factor and use identical accessories. The drive family includes three 4-Quadrant brush-type (PMDC) servodrives 11 to 70-Vdc, 18 to 60-A peak and 9 to 30-A continuous; three 4-Quadrant brushless (BLDC) servodrives, 11 to 70 Vdc, 18 to 60-A peak, 9 to 30-A continuous; two Micro-Stepping stepper-motor drives, 11 to 70-Vdc, 18 to 36-A peak, and 9 to 18-A continuous; and two Micro-Stepping stepper-motor drives, 11 to 50 Vdc, with 5 and 10-A phase currents.

ElectroCraft Inc.
1 Progress Dr.
Dover, NH 03820
(603) 742-3330

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