Machine Design

New Product: Subminiature dc fans and blowers

A tube axial family of subminiature fans comes in two fan and one blower models.

The RoHS-compliant F16 tube axial fan is 0.65 in. sq and develops up to 0.42 CFM at a maximum pressure of 1.88 in. of water in intermittent duty cycles. Input power is 3.3 Vdc at 20 mA. The slightly larger RoHS-compliant F17HA tube axial fan is 0.699 in. sq, and provides up to 0.53 CFM at a maximum static pressure of 0.04 in. water. Fan speed is 8,000 rpm at 5 V and 30-mA input. The F17HA fan also has an optional on-board speed signal. The F16BJ brushless blower develops a maximum air flow of up to 1.24 CFM at a static pressure of 0.056 in. of water. The blower is available with ball and sleeve bearings, depending on application, and is designed for intermittent “spot” cooling applications.

Nidec Copal (U.S.A.) Corp., 373 Ven Ness Ave., Suite 130, Torrance, CA 90501, (310) 782-6102,

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