Machine Design

New Product: Switch-mode supplies

The 275-W N-0275 Series of switchmode power supplies have digital power management and an optional PMBus capability.

The very low- profile form-factor devices deliver 12.22 W/in. power density at 90% efficiency. An onboard microcontroller monitors power-supply parameters. The microcontroller provides timing accuracies in the 1% range and responds to changing conditions 500 times/sec.

The microcontroller minimizes acoustic noise by turning the 12-V fan on or off, depending on load conditions. An optional digital communications interface lets four N-0275 power supplies communicate over the same bus using PMBus. The interface allows routine remote control of the main outputs and the 12-V fans.

Powerstax plc, Unit B5, Armstrong Mall, Southwood Business Park, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 0NR. England, +44(0)1252 407800,

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