Machine Design

New Product: Three-Axis Sheet Routers

SR Series sheet routers are designed for use with three-axis CNC, gantrystyle machines.

The cutting system is based on a 24,000-rpm, 5-hp (continuous) 30-taper spindle. The routers are moved at up to 2,000 ipm along low-friction linear guides by brushless servomotors. Motions can be automated with ISO standard G-code programming using an LCD monitor or USB port.

The SR-100 travels up to 100 in. in the X direction, 52 in. in Y, and 8 in. in Z. The SR-200 increases X-direction travel to 148 in. and Y-direction travel to 76 in. Other options include a 10-pocket automatic toolchanger, a harddisc drive with Ethernet interface, a remote jog handle, and full fourth-axis capability.

Haas Automation
2800 Sturgis Rd.
Oxnard, CA 93030
(800) 331-6146

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