Machine Design

New Product: Vacuum gripper system

The VGS 3010 Vacuum Gripper System features a suction cup and vacuum generator in one unit, and is designed to increase material-handling reliability at higher speeds.

The unit features Coax technology, which integrates the internal components of a multistage vacuum pump into a small, efficient, and reliable vacuum cartridge. Dualhardness Duraflex suction cups on the VGS provide the strength and flexibility to seal uneven or course surfaces, and are suited for applications prone to microleakage, such as handling corrugated cardboard. The decentralized design lets users generate vacuum directly at the point of suction, which reduces energy consumption and prevents pressure-loss problems inherent to traditional vacuum systems with a central vacuum pump. The product’s flexible design also eliminates the need for multiple end effectors when handling different shapes and sizes, which makes for quick and easy changeover and less downtime.

Piab USA, 65 Sharp St., Hingham, MA 02043, (800) 321- 7422,

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