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Machine Design

New Product: Variable-speed blowers

New Nautilair Series 12.3” variable- speed, brushless dc blowers are an alternative to conventional fixedspeed, twospeed, and inverterdriven variablespeed blowers.

Maximum sealed pressure is 170-in. H2O with open flows to 800 cfm. Versions accept 120 and 240 Vac inputs and internal electronics convert ac to dc. An onboard potentiometer or external PWM or dc control adjusts speed. The high-efficiency blowers are designed to operate more than 20,000 hr virtually maintenancefree. Typical applications include commercial and residential boilers, hot water heaters, furnaces, foodservice equipment, kilns, and fuel cells.

Ametek Technical & Industrial Products, 627 Lake St., Kent, OH 44240, (330) 673-3452,

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