Machine Design

New Product: Wireless Transceiver

The DR9031 wireless transceiver provides bidirectional analog and contact closure data transmission to a companion device.

The analog data is recovered as two 4-to-20-mA outputs and the switch data is via optically isolated npn transistors outputs.

Available analog inputs include dual-channel dc voltage or currents, single-channel RTD, or strain-gage bridge inputs. The bridge version provides 10-Vdc precision excitation for up to four 330-Ω bridges. For the single-channel inputs, the two 4-to- 20-mA outputs are proportional to the single input.

The DR9031 is available in three radio frequencies; two in the 915-MHz ISM band and one in the 2.4-GHz band. All use spread-spectrum frequency hopping technology. Up to 21 systems can operate in the same locale without interfering with each other. With proper antennas, the 915-MHz units can function over a 20-mile range.

Wilkerson Instrument Co. Inc., 2915 Parkway St., Lakeland, FL 33811, (800) 234-1343,

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