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Machine Design

New Products: 3D laser scanners

Photon 80 and Photon 20, a new family of 3D laser scanners, offer greater clarity, accuracy, and portability. The scanners are computerized measurement devices that scan, digitally recreate, and record all of an object or area’s dimensions to create a “3D photograph” on the computer screen. The captured data can be used to create a digital model for reverseengineering, quality assurance, inspection, CAD-to-part comparison, factory planning, investigation, and automatic object recognition in modeling.

Accessories include a high-definition color bracket, a handle for portability, and a supercompact power-base battery for more than 6 hr of uninterrupted scanning performance.

Faro Technologies Inc., 125 Technology Park, Lake Mary, FL 32746, (800) 736- 0234,

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