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Motion System Design

New Products

Self-lubricating slewing rings

PRT slewing ring bearings use two self-lubricating, low friction polymer sliding elements in place of ball bearings.

Features & benefits

  • Polymer sliding elements of solid lubricant requiring no additional lubrication

  • Low coefficient of friction, chemical resistant, low moisture absorption, and good vibration dampening properties

  • Consist of aluminum housings with stainless steel screws

  • Available with ODs of 30, 60, 100, and 200 mm

igus Inc.
(800) 521-2747
Circle 160

Programmable cameras

BOBCAT line of machine-vision cameras in 45 × 45 × 39-mm envelope offer advantage where space is limited.

Features & benefits

  • Easily replaces existing analog units, field-upgradeable firmware

  • Choice of five resolutions and sensors: Kodak VGA @ 120 or 210 fps; Sony 1.4 M @ 24 fps, 2.0 M @ 16 fps, and 5.0 M @ 15 fps

    Horizontal and vertical binning at 2x, 3x and 4x from the factory, multiple programmable areas of interest, digital and analog gain

  • Auto gain, exposure control

Imperx Inc.
(866) 849-1662
Circle 161

Parallel grippers

EGN series of servo electric two-finger parallel gripers now include sizes 80, 100, and 160.

Features & benefits

  • Stroke per finger of 8 and 16 mm

  • Upward and downward expansion allows the exact size gripper for each task with the right specifications

  • High payloads and power reserves handle heavy components with gripping forces to 1,000 N

  • Prepositioning enables short closing times and high cycle rates

Schunk Inc.
(800) 772-4865
Circle 162

Ethernet connectors

RJ-45 modular plug and jack connectors offer IP67 sealing and quick-connect bayonet coupling suited for EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, and ControlNet applications.

Features & benefits

  • Coupling mechanism provides positive locking for reliable connections in harsh environments

  • Housings are polarized to prevent mismatching

  • Plug kits available for stranded and solid conductors; bulkhead-mount receptacle permits pass-through applications

Tyco Electronics Ltd.
(800) 522-6752
Circle 164

Roller chain

PerforMax bushings offer roller chain improvements with upgraded performance and reliability.

Features & benefits

  • Lube grooves, heat treatment, and precise dimensions produce a solid bushing

  • Designed grooves extend life by combating wear

  • Available in sizes 80 to 140

U.S. Tsubaki Inc.
(800) 323-7790
Circle 163


Uprox + Factor 1 sensors now include IP69k washdown versions with temperature ratings from -40° to 100° C.

Features & benefits

  • 316 stainless steel construction, liquid crystal polymer front cap resist moisture

  • Polypropylene cable jacket stands up to harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures

  • Longer sensing ranges detect all metals including stainless steel

(800) 544-7769
Circle 165


Signal-conditioned accelerometers provide stable vibration measurement outputs over wide temperature range.

Features & benefits

  • Dc response accelerometers offered from ±2 to ±500 g

  • Integral temperature compensation provides output from -40° to 115° C

  • Gas-damped MEMS sensing elements for stable frequency response

  • Hermetically sealed assemblies protect against over-range shocks up to 10,000 g

  • Programmed for exceptional thermal stability and recalibrated for different signal outputs and scale factors

Measurement Specialties Inc.
(949) 716-7516
Circle 166

Protective boots

Protective boots stop rod scoring, prevent nicks, and extend seal life by protecting cylinder rods from chips, abrasive particles, and impinging objects.

Features & benefits

  • Neoprene nylon coated fabric boots handle temperatures from -40° to 220° F

  • Materials for expanded temperature ranges and special requirements available

  • Request catalog PR-100

A & A Mfg. Co. Inc.
(800) 298-2066
Circle 168

PC belt

Pyrathane twisted connectable PC belts are now available to replace endless belts in diameters from 3/32 to 9/16 in.

Features & benefits

  • No disassembly when replacing belts on line shaft conveyors and other applications

  • Originally designed as quick fix, but now a permanent replacement in many applications

  • Available in standard black 83A durometer

  • Other colors and durometers available

Pyramid Inc.
(641) 792-2405
Circle 169

Step motor driver

DRV-1 is a 1 amp, microstepping driver suitable for a range of resolutions.

Features & benefits

  • Six resolution settings from full to 1/32 step

  • Includes small (2.7 × 3.1 × 1.0 in.) heat-sink mounted footprint, 31.25 kHz step clock, over current protection, and mating connectors

  • Factory programmable for plug and play operation of up to four user-determined constant velocity motion profiles

Advanced Micro Systems Inc.
(800) 234-2001
Circle 167

Transport system

MagneMover shuttle combines the QuickStick LSM product line with standard aluminum track and vehicle components for flexible turnkey transport.

Features & benefits

  • High-speed transfer shuttle allows a range of system layouts; tightly spaced return paths save floor space

  • Moves carriers at faster speeds and accurately positions loads to facilitate on-carrier work processes and higher throughput

  • Carriers can be stopped anywhere along the transport track; location can be changed in a few computer keystrokes with no mechanical parts or adjustments

MagneMotion Inc.
(978) 461-5090
Circle 170

Brushless servomotor

BSM132 high-power brushless servomotor ranges from 20 to 34 hp with optional blower cooling.

Features & benefits

  • Continuous stall torque from 620 to 1,060 lb-in. and speed capability to 5,000 rpm

  • Double insulated, multicoated magnet wire for reliability

  • Premium grease provides four times longer life

  • Quality servo-rated ball bearings offer durability and smoothness

  • Sealed to IP65

Baldor Electric Co.
(479) 646-4711
Circle 171

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