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New Products: Bellows, Couplings, Contacts, and Electroforms

Precision, electrodeposited nickel bellows, flexible shaft couplings, electrical contacts, and lightweight, structurally rigid electroforms are available. Custom-designed miniature nickel- alloy metal bellows can be made as small as 0.020 in. in diameter while retaining full sensitivity and flexibility. The seamless and nonporous bellows resist dust, dirt, and moisture contamination in critical applications, such as metallic hermetic seals, volume compensators, pressure and temperature sensors, and flexible connectors.

Zero-backlash, flexible-shaft couplings are precise rotary-positioning systems where flexibility, sensitivity and extreme accuracy in dimensional tolerances and concentricity are critical. The couplings have a 1.4 to 198-Ncm torque range; 0.252 to 2.40-in. OD; and overall lengths from 0.5 to 2.44 in.

Self-aligning spring contacts meet critical solderless connection needs in miniature electronic applications. The contacts OD ranges from 9.037 to 0.245 in.

Lightweight, structurally rigid electroforms are suitable for applications requiring unusual shapes, close tolerances, high strength, ultrathin walls, and extreme temperatures to –423°F. Diameters range from .020 to 9 in. and surface microfinishes as fine as 4 R.M.S. are also available.

Servometer/PMG LLC
501 Little Falls Rd.
Cedar Grove, NJ 07009
(973) 785-4630

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