Machine Design

New Products: Bottom-Load Case Packer

The state-of-the-art VCP-20 bottom-load case packer targets applications requiring a small footprint and gentle product handling.

The unit is designed to pack cases ranging from 7 to 24-in. long and 4 to 18-in. wide. Servocontrolled motion provides smooth, accurate handling and its small size suits low-rate applications of up to 20 cases/min, depending on case size and pack pattern.

As products reach the VCP-20, a servomechanism pushes it from the conveyor to construct a pack pattern, which then loads into a waiting case. Simultaneously, the VCP-20 selects and erects cases, folds, and seals flaps. This servocontrolled motion is also used when handling both flat and loaded cases. Case sealing can be with tape or hot-melt glue. The VCP-20 can also be used in the food industry as a heavy wash-down machine.

Schneider Packaging Equipment Co. Inc.
Box 890, 5370 Guy Young Rd.
Brewerton, NY 13029
(315) 676-3035

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