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New Products: Combo Servomarking/Scanner Control

The Nmark SSam combines servomotion and scanner control into a single platform for marking large, complex objects (those that exceed a scanner’s operating envelope).

Benefits of the unit include an expanded field of view that doesn’t affect pixel resolution. Long vectors can be marked with one continuous pass; large-scale graphics can be drawn without stitching multiple exposures. The units can mark tubes or other irregularly shaped objects without manual repositioning. An XY2-100 interface supports scanners from multiple vendors, single programming environment.

Features include first-pulse suppression, tickle-frequency outputs, control signals that can be configured as sinking or sourcing, 5 to 24 Vdc, general-purpose analog and digital I/O, and two high-speed encoder inputs are available for synchronization with moving-material applications (marking on the fly).

Aerotech Inc.
101 Zeta Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
(412) 963-7470

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