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New Products: Compact Splicing Connectors

The 222 Series Lever-Nuts compact splicing connector family includes a mounting carrier (222-500), strainrelief plate (222-505), and angled DINrail adapter (222-510).

The mounting carrier holds four 2-wire, three 3-wire, or two 5-wire connectors; is designed for vertical snap-on DIN-rail mounting or vertical or horizontal panel mounting with screws; and has molded-in terminal marking or optional self-adhesive marking strips. Conductors are arranged and secured using strain-relief tabs and cable-ties. Connector end stops secure the connectors in the carrier.

The right-angled DIN-rail adapter provides horizontal DIN-rail mounting for carriers in the 222 Lever-Nuts, 773 Wall-Nuts, and 273 Series Push Wire connector families.

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(800) 346-7245

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