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New Products: Efficient Hydraulic Cylinder Seals

The Turcon Stepseal V is designed to prevent pressure buildup on tandem seal arrangements in hydraulic cylinders. The Stepseal V features a hydrostatic pressure-relief system that provides rapid pressure actuation and pressure balancing. A machined valve groove precisely opens and closes the relief channel.

The seal’s contoured rear chamfer, for hydrodynamic back-pumping, is enhanced with the use of Turcon, a PTFE-based material with excellent friction characteristics and wear and abrasion resistance. The design and function of the seal means no buffer volume is required

A stabilizing edge prevents seal deformation and boosts assembly strength by protecting the seal face during rod insertion. The seal can be fitted in bore diameters to 2,700 mm and rod diameters to 2,600 mm.

Stepseal performs from –45 to 200°C (–49 to 392°F) and is suitable in both static and dynamic situations. The seal operates up to 15 m/sec (49 fps) with reciprocating movements and frequencies up to 5 Hz in pressures up to 80 MPa (800 bar, 1,1600 psi). It is compatible with many hydraulic fluids such as those based on mineral oil, flame-retardant compounds, bio-oils, and water.

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