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New Products: Ethernet Extender

The DDW-220 is an Ethernet extender enhanced with a built-in four-port Ethernet switch that establishes highspeed remote connections between two Ethernet networks at transfer rates up to 5.7 Mbits/sec or at an operating distance of up to 10 km at lower data rates. Total galvanic isolation and transient protection are standard for all interfaces and also protect against most types of overvoltage and overcurrent problems. The DDW-220 uses a TBU (transient-blocking unit) on each DSL line. The TBU responds to both overcurrent and overvoltage faults on the line and can handle indirect lightning strike transients, power induction, and short-circuit problems.

The 134 × 105 × 122-mm DINmounted metal case handles surrounding air temperatures from –40 to 70°C. The units come with redundant power inputs that can be powered from two separate supplies for uninterrupted communication. Operating voltage range is from 16 to 60 Vdc. The units come preconfigured for multidrop applications. A built-in Web interface lets the unit be configured using any standard Web browser. Help text and more advanced configuration is also available within the Web interface. Comprehensive Web screen diagnostics for both the SHDSL transmission interfaces and the Ethernet switch provides views of statistics. The units also support SNMP for management as part of an overall network infrastructure.

Westermo Teleindustri AB
S-64040, Stora Sundby
Sweden, 46 (0) 1642 8000

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