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New Products: Fatigue-Rated Load Cell

The Model PNC740 fatigue-rated load cell delivers up to 0.03% (BFSL) accuracy over a 100 million cycle lifetime. The unit handles 250 to 100,000 lb and operates in –65 to 250°F. The barometrically compensated cells minimize zero shift from atmospheric conditions. The stainless-steel cells are fully welded and have a static-overload capacity of 200% FSO; 2-mV/V standard output, compensated temperature range of 15 to 115°F; shock and vibration-protected electronics; and heavy-duty stainless-steel connectors with gold-plated connector pins, with hermetic glass-to-metal construction. The cell’s low-profile “pancake” design reduces off-axis loading sensitivity to 0.25% and has mounting holes for drop-in replacement.

Stellar Technology Inc.
237 Commerce Dr.
Amherst, NY 14228
(716) 250-1900

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