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New Products: Fieldbus Cables

DataCell Foundation fieldbus M-EZ (Marshaling EZ) cables are designed with up to 24 individually foil-shielded pairs, with each pair enclosed in an extruded PVC binder. The pairs all sit within a single cable. The cables permit fast, simple installation into marshaling cabinets and require no shrink tubing.

The cables are instrumenttray cable/power-limited-tray cable (ITC/PLTC) rated for exposed-run (ER) applications and pass the same crush and impact tests for metal-clad cable. When installed to NEC code, ITC-ER/PLTC-ER cables let users do without conduit.

The line includes an arctic-rated ITC/PLTC-listed version with optional armor and a RoHS-compliant UL 1309 marine shipboard-listed cable with a cut-and-abrasion-resistant TPE outer jacket. Both are suitable for use to –60°C.

DataCell cables are available as single or multipaired bus cables. Shield options include individually foil-shielded pairs with drain wire as well as an overall foil with drain wire. An overall tinned copper braid is available for low-frequency noise immunity. Cable choices include 16 awg for longer runs and 18 awg in singleshielded, twisted-pair spur cables and as multipair cable. The Characteristic Impedance Z0 is tightly controlled to be 100 ± 10 at 31.25 kHz.

Northwire Inc.
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Osceola, WI 54020
(715) 294-2121

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