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New Products: Fluoropolymer brochure

New Products: Fluoropolymer brochure

The free brochure details the properties of Fluorosint PTFE materials including Fluorsint 500, FDA-compliant Fluorosint 207, and the new Fluorosint HPV and MT-01 grades.

HPV has 40% better bearing performance and longer wear life than other FDA-compliant PTFEs, letting it replace bronze, steel and powdered metal parts. MT-01 has low deformation and a low coefficient of linear thermal expansion at high temperatures for use in ovens, dryers, and linear positioning equipment exposed to elevated temperatures.

The materials come in rod, sheet, and tube forms. Formed parts can be special ordered. Engineers can download the eight-page Fluorosint brochure from Quadrant's website.

Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products
2120 Fairmont Ave.
Reading, PA 19612
(800) 366-0310

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