Machine Design

New Products: Fuse terminals for short-circuit and overload protection

WSI 4 fuse terminal for short-circuit and overload protection measures 1.55-in. tall.

It features a standard 2.5-sq-mm screw-clamping system (22 to 12 awg), and accepts a standard 5 20-mm fuse. Various LED options provide blown fuse indication across a voltage range of 10 to 250 V. The terminals can be ganged together with an interlocking disconnect lever, a quick way to disengage a two and three-phase application. It is UL rated for 300 V, 15 A, and mounts on TS-35 DIN-rails.

Weidmuller, 821 Southlake Blvd., Richmond, VA 23236, (804) 794-2877,

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