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New Products: High-Performance Miniature Disc Couplings

Miniature disc couplings, in single and double-disc styles deliver zero backlash, 10,000-rpm speed capability, and good strength and torsional stiffness.

The couplings consist of an assembly of two black-anodized aluminum hubs, multiple flat stainless-steel disc springs, and a center spacer for double-disc styles. The discs permit a substantial amount of misalignment between shafts, while remaining rigid under torque loads. Parallel mis-alignment is accommodated by the double-disc style or by two single disc couplings used in tandem.

Double-disc styles come either an anodized-aluminum center spacer or an electrically isolating acetal center spacer. Both disc-couplings types come in clamp and setscrew styles, with standard 15 to 57-mm ODs and 1/8 to 1¼-in. bore sizes in the inch series and 3 to 30 mm in the metric series.

Ruland Mfg. Co. Inc.
6 Hayes Memorial Dr.
Marlborough, MA 01752
(508) 485 1000

TAGS: Fasteners
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