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Machine Design

New Products: High-Resolution Programmable Switches

The high-resolution LCDCD SmartSwitch and SmartDisplay programmable switches simplify user interaction with machines via a changeable graphical interface.

These programmable pushbutton switches and displays have RGB LED backlighting that obeys commands supplied via the SPI communications protocol. The devices feature a programmable and changeable 64 × 32-pixel LCD module with 64 backlit colors that display graphics, alphanumeric characters, or animated sequences, including four lines of text with up to 10 characters/line.

Both products incorporate bitmap display functions with a variable brightness backlight, in eight steps from dark to bright. A liquid-crystal display provides a wide viewing angle with high contrast and clarity. The SmartSwitch and SmartDisplay have a FSTN positive black-and-white LCD mode, with a LED backlight that generates 64 colors. Epoxy-sealed straight PC terminals prevent entry of solder flux and other contaminants. The switch has a 15.0 × 10.8-mm viewing area; the display has a 13.9 × 10.6-mm viewing area.

NKK Switches
7850 E. Gelding Dr.
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
(480) 991-0942

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