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Machine Design

New Products: High-Speed Object Sensor

The LFP-1011-020 flat fiber-optic array sensor captures, counts, and controls small components produced by highperformance manufacturing machinery. The diffuse, multiple- beam sensor has a 28-mm beam spread that detects objects in any position across a broad area of light transmission.

The sensor can be connected to one of the company’s fiber-optic amplifiers for a 150-mm sensing range. When used with a 5-kHz amplifier, the smallest component passing at high speed can be detected. The use of a blue-light emitting amplifier connected to the fiber instead of the common red light, even small black rubber components can be easily detected.

Each multibeam head comes with 2 m of polymer fibers that can be cut to keep them retained and protected along the path to the amplifier. The wide-vision fiber head is made from PBTP Crastin and is IP67 sealed.

Contrinex Inc.
2 Business Park Rd.
Old Saybrook, CT 06475
(866) 289-2899

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