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New Products: High-strength steel alloy

AerMet 340 is a precipitation hardenable (PH) martensitic alloy that is heat treated and typically aged at about 900°F to develop the desired properties. It has a hardness of Rockwell C 56, an ultimate tensile strength of 345 ksi and a yield strength of 300 ksi. The alloy's fracture toughness is  34 ksi√in. It elongates 11% and to a 53% reduction in area.

The alloy is suitable for automotive, racing, aerospace, and defense applications including  tubing, structural components, drive shafts, springs, connecting rods, and crank shafts. It is available bar, hollow bar, sheet, wire, billet, plate, and strip forms.

Carpenter Technology, 101 W. Bern St., Reading, PA 19601, (800) 654-6543,

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