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Machine Design

New Products: Illuminated Pushbutton Switch

The RP8100 round illuminated pushbutton switch comes with either a threaded or snap-in panel mount.

Switch specifications include 500,000 cycles at full load electrical life; 300 gf ±100 gf operating force; 125 mA @ 125 Vac, 100 mA @ 50-Vdc contact rating; 5-m maximum (initial) contact resistance; 1,000 M (minimum @ 500 Vdc) insulation resistance; 1,000-Vac rms dielectric strength; –30 to 85°C operating temperature; and 10-msec maximum contact bounce.

E-Switch Inc.
7153 Northland Dr. N
Minneapolis, MN 55428
(800) 867-2717

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