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New Products: Inductive Rotary Encoders

The Exl 1100 Series rotary encoders now come in versions whose mating dimensions are the same as those of common resolvers. The encoders, with EnDat 2.1 interface, have an inductive scanning method in which the single-turn resolution is increased to 18 bits. Position values are produced by the encoder’s electronics and then transferred as purely digital information to the higher-level electronics over the fast bidirectional EnDat interface. The information can also be transferred as an analog signal. An integrated readand- write EEPROM makes user parameters available in the subsequent electronics at all times, which lets the encoder self-configure over the synchronous serial interface.

The encoder’s real multiturn capability frees the system from the need to be “homed” after power interruptions or switch-on.

Heidenhain Corp.
333 E. State Pkwy.
Schaumburg, IL 60173
(847) 490-1191

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