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New Products: Laser-Marking Heads

The high-performance warp Scan II Series of laser-marking heads feature very-low drift and high stability for high-volume industrial uses such as stereolithography or stent cutting. The dustproof, temperature-stabilized galvanometer scanners measure 165 × 117 × 146 mm and come in 7, 10, and 14-mm aperture sizes. The units can be customized with galvanometer mirrors and objectives, as well as optimized mounts for all lasers and image fields.

Performance features include <22- rad repeatability, tracking error as low as 0.11 msec, <0.3-mrad long-term drift, ± 0.35-mrad scan angle, <5-mrad gain error, <5-mrad zero offset, and <1.5-mrad skew. Marking speeds are 3.5 m/sec (7 mm), 2.5 m/sec (10 mm), and 1.5 m/sec (14-mm aperture mirrors) and writing speeds to 1,100 cps.

Standard features of the marking heads include a F-Theta scanning lens, low-inertia four-pole galvanometer motors with electro-optic position sensor, application-appropriate mirrors, connectors, and cables.

Laser Scanning Solutions Inc.
461 East Evelyn Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
(408) 245-7161

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