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Machine Design

New Products: Laser System Marks Challenging Materials

The EV4F fiber-coupled, diode-pumped green laser system marks and processes difficult materials such as colored plastics, acrylic, and polymer. The solid-state (DPSS) wavelength laser has an optimized laser beam and Q-switched pulse characteristics for high beam quality and stability. The unit has extra power and speed for precision marking, making it suitable for laser marking, scribing, trimming, and material-processing applications. The harmonically converted laser produces 4 W of output power at the 532-nm green wavelength. The EV4G integrates with Windows-based Merlin II LS Laser Marking software that comes standard with the unit.

Telesis Technologies Inc.
28181 River Rd.
Circleville, OH 43113
(800) 654-5696

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