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New Products: Magnetic Multiturn Encoders

Self-powered Magnetocode high-resolution absolute magnetic encoders use a patented technology – based on the “Wiegand effect” - that generates a short burst of electric power whenever the shaft rotates. The change in shaft position (including the direction of rotation) is measured and the change is recorded in nonvolatile memory.

The encoders provide a maximum 12 bits/rev resolution and can register up to 8,192 revolutions. Available in solid and hub (blind-hollow) shaft versions, the encoders’ compact 36.5-mm-diameter design makes them suitable for tight spots, while their magnetic technology and environmental protection up to IP69K mean they will work in heavy-duty applications.

Fraba Inc.
1800 East State St.
Suite 148
Hamilton, NJ 08609
(609) 750-8705

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