Machine Design

New Products: MEMS Microhotplates

The KMHP-100 MEMS microhotplate operates up to 650°C for the creation and testing of chemical sensors.

Thin films of silicon nitride and silicon dioxide protect the thin-film platinum resistive heater from the environment. The silicon nitride also offers thermal and electrical isolation.

The device is 1 1 0.38 mm. It is micromachined to accommodate the 0.25 0.25-mm platinum element. Electrical inputs up to 25 mA, 4,600 mV, and 115 mW heat the element. The die is mounted in a goldplated TO-18 package with gold ball wire bonding.

Kebaili Corp.
Box 4153
Irvine, CA 92616
(949) 494-5892

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