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New Products: Micromanipulator Stage

The MT 105-50-LM micromanipulator stage offers 50-mm travel, 1-μm positional accuracy, ±1-μm straightness/ flatness runout, and ±2-μm repeatability. Manufactured from high-strength anodized aluminum, the high-precision table measures 105 × 151 mm, is 25-mm high, and weighs only 1.0 kg. The stage has preloaded cross-roller bearings, fixed stops, and an incremental linear encoder with 0.1-μm resolution. The unit can be used as an XY stage without adapter plate or configured as an XYZ system with an optional bracket. Ultrahigh vacuum, clean-room, or nonmagnetic preparation is also available

Steinmeyer Inc.
217 Middlesex Turnpike
Burlington, MA 01803
(781) 273-6220

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