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New Products: Motor and Drive Combos

The MDrive Plus product line has been expanded to include two new step and direction units: the MDrive14- Plus Microstepping and MDrive14Plus Half/Full Step. The 1.9 × 1.4 × 2.0-in. MDrive14Plus use a NEMA Size 14 brushless 1.8° stepping motor.

The MDrive14Plus Half/Full Step is for applications requiring no more than half and full step. The MDrive- 14Plus Microstepping handles full 256 × 200 microstepping. Features of the products include 12 to 48-Vdc supply input, internal magnetic or external optical encoders with multiple line counts and index mark, and a –40 to 85°C operating range.

The units’ oversized input capacitors minimize power line surges, reducing long-run and multiple-drive system problems.

Intelligent Motion Systems Inc.
370 N. Main St., Box 457
Marlborough, CT 06447
(860) 295-6102

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