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Machine Design

New Products: Multidrop Photoelectric Sensor

The state-of-the-art SmartEye X-Pro Model XPC photoelectric communication sensor offers complete remote control, from either an on-board HMI or a central plant-control station. The sensor is designed for applications where it is critical to monitor and configure machines for local or plant-wide automation with multidrop sensor feedback for overall process control.

Features of the sensor include RS-485 or RS-232 communication; five onboard memory locations; digital changeover and control; remote sensor monitoring; speed versus resolution select – 60, 125, and 450 sec; sensor performance graph/ scope; addressable – 128 nodes without a repeater; internal digital display; and red, white, or infrared LED

Tri-Tronics Co. Inc.
Box 25135
Tampa, FL 33622
(800) 237-0946

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