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Machine Design

New Products: Noncontact Position Sensor

The ECL202 eddy-current displacement/ position sensor features improved thermal stability, immunity to electromagnetic interference (EMI), linearity, and resolution.

FPGA technology lets the sensor complete complex, proprietary mathematical algorithms.

Additional features of the sensor include pushbutton offset adjustment, pushbutton setpoint adjustment, external offset and setpoint adjustments, and user-selectable bandwidths. The sensor has two outputs: 0 to 10-V analog and digital setpoint switch closure; 0.5 to 15-mm range; 0.008% @ 10-kHz resolution; and userselectable bandwidths of 100 Hz and 1, 10, and 15 kHz.

Lion Precision
563 Shoreview Park Rd.
St. Paul, MN 55126
(651) 484-6544

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