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New Products: Nonlube air cylinders

The 3MA and 4MA Series of nonlube NFPA air cylinders are derived from the 2MA Series.

The platform consists of three types: 3MA — general, all-purpose version; 4MA — flexible construction unit that complements the 3MA; and 3MAJ/4MAJ — rod-lock versions for load-holding and safety demands.

The 3MA comes in 1≠/8 to 5-in. bores with standard rod sizes, offers 250-psi air service at standard temperatures, and a 1,100-psi hydraulic service option (3ML) for the 1≠/8-in. bore. The customizable, removable gland 4MA cylinder comes in 1 to 8-in. bores with standard and oversized rods and delivers 250-psi air service and 400-psi hydraulic service (4ML). The 3MAJ/4MAJ rod-lock cylinders come in 1 to 8-in. bores with standard and oversize rods.

The cylinders use self-lubricating rounded-lip seals and composite components for low friction with zero leakage. Cylinders with 1 to 5-in. bores are sensor ready, as they have a magnetic piston ring and integrated sensor grooves.

Parker Hannifin, Pneumatic Div., 8676 East M-89, Richland, MI 49083, (269) 629-5000,

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