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Machine Design

New Products: Precision Washers/Collars

Precision and ultraprecision grades of washers and collars for machine and equipment assembly are constructed of 1018 carbon steel, 1045 carbon steel, 2017 aluminum alloy, brass, 304/316/420 stainless steel and 01 low-alloy tool steel with configurable dimensions of thickness, ID, and OD down to 0.1-mm increments. Blackoxide, electroless nickel plating, lowtemperature black-chrome plating, and clear-anodized surface treatments are offered.

Available shapes include tapped, flanged, counterbored, countersunk, slotted, and screw tapped.

Misumi USA Inc.
1105 Remington Rd.
Suite B
Schaumburg, IL 60173
(800) 681-7475

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