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New Products: Reciprocating Linear Motion Drive

The Uhing Model RG linear drive’s mechanical control over travel direction and linear speed eliminates the need for an electronic-control system. Travel direction is automatically reversed regardless of the speed or rotational direction of the shaft. Manually set end stops increase or decrease travel length, and speed is regulated using a manual control on the drive unit without requiring changes to motor speed or gearing. The drive’s shaft requires only light lubrication once per month.

Available in 17 sizes, the RG drive offers 7 to 800-lb axial thrust. Specially machined “rolling-ring” bearings eliminate backlash by maintaining constant point-contact with the shaft. Shaft rotation immediately converts rotary motion to linear motion output, eliminating play or free movement between shaft and bearings, including during reversal.

The drive’s smooth shaft prevents debris from collecting, eliminating clogs or jams. It also acts as built-in overload protection — if the system becomes overloaded, the nut will slip instead of churning and grinding.

2100 Bridgewater Rd.
Aston, PA 19014
(800) 252-2645

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