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New Products: Redesigned Variable-Speed Drives

UPM and WPM variable-speed dc drives have been redesigned to comply with Europe’s RoHS directive. These dc controls are suitable for applications requiring single-direction speed pot controls such as conveyors, packaging equipment, screen-printing equipment, medical devices, and lab instruments.

UPM unfiltered controls provide basic speed control and operate from either 115 or 230 Vac (jumper selectable) at 50/60-Hz input voltage. Output voltage ranges from 0 to 90 Vdc at 115 Vac, and 0 to180 Vdc at 230 Vac, with a form factor of 1.6. An enclosed version of the UPM has a NEMA-1 enclosure and manual speed pot.

WPM filtered pulse-widthmodulation controls provide cooler motor operation, higher speeds, and longer brush life than unfiltered counterparts. The unit operates from a 115 Vac at 50/60-Hz line and its output voltage is 0 to130 Vdc, with a form factor of 1.0. A new 12-Vdc (in/out) OEM version is available for battery or solar-powered applications that operate with 12-Vdc PMDC gearmotors or motors.

Both models feature eight DIP switches for calibrating the controls for different motor sizes, and either ¼-in. quick connect tabs or plug-in terminal connections.

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