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Machine Design

New Products: Screw positioners

This member of the Posi-Drive line of stages is 1.25 in. high and 1.38 in. wide. New stages provide 0.0001-in. straight-line accuracy per inch of travel and 0.0001-in. repeatability. The smaller stages are adaptable to standard NEMA configurations, offer a 0.125-in.-diameter lead-screw, an anti-backlash nut, and a flexible zero-backlash coupling that accepts a NEMA-14 motor. Features include a load-carrying capacity up to 40 lb and travel lengths ranging from 1 to 4 in. Positioners are available with linear ball or crossed roller slides.

Del-Tron Precision Inc., 5 Trowbridge Dr., Box 505, Bethel, CT 06801, (800) 245-5013. Hall 17; Stand G11

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