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Machine Design

New Products: Special Cable Carriers

Energy Chain cable carriers house, protect, and extend the life of moving cables and hoses attached to automated machinery. A wide range of special designs are available: For example, a carrier that guides cables around a 148-ft handling system and includes 90° bends. Another carrier cycles 5,000 times/day and handles high loads and speeds, and long travels. Stainless-steel bearings ensure low friction and reduce the required driving force. And an ultraquiet, low-vibration System E6 cable carrier is used in a cutting tool because of smooth operation at high speeds. The carrier travels just under 20 ft at accelerations to 98.4 fps. Target life is up to 10 years in continuous operation.

igus Inc.
Box 14349
East Providence, RI 02914
(800) 521-2747

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