Machine Design

New Products: Stepping Motor and Driver System

The MLN50 Mechatrolink-II fivephase stepping motor and driver system offers full programmingcommand functions and up to 10 Mbytes/sec communication data rates with a maximum 50-m transmission range.

The 100/200-Vac driver system is designed for operation with the company’s high-torque, CE-rated five-phase stepper motors in various NEMA sizes.

The stepping system uses a highperformance pulse generator chip, the MPG1032, to execute advanced operating functions including fast-forward positioning, interpolation feed, and home. The unit provides high-speed network integration with NanoDrive high-resolution positioning stepper systems, which lets users develop their own motion field network. Additional features include: external input positioning with speed, acceleration and deceleration parameters setting, and linear and S-shape acceleration and deceleration switching selection with onboard Serial EEPROM, which can be rewritten 100,000 times.

Nyden Corp.
2610-B North First St.
San Jose, CA 95134
(408) 232-7700

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