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New Products: Sterilizable Motors

The EC5 and EC13 are sterilizable drives for use with or without planetary gearheads in medical applications up to 90,000 rpm. They feature extremely low-noise and low-vibration operation, and marginal thermal emission.

The drives withstand 500 autoclave cycles. Both are available with Hall sensors or sensorless as well as with three different windings, and gearheads come with versions of one, two or three stages as well as with or without output end shaft sealing.

Dimensions of the EC5’s motor and gearhead are in U.S. customary units, with an ؽ-in. outside diameter, a Ø0.125-in. shaft, and “Servo Mount,” a well-established type of motor fixation. Dimensions of the EC13/GP13 version is in metrics, with results in a Ø13-mm OD, a Ø3-mm shaft, and a flange with three-face side threads.

maxon precision motors Inc.
101 Waldron Rd.
Fall River, MA 02720
(508) 677-0520

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